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393 Route 100, Dover, Vermont - MLS# 4363041
1.2 Acres

Offered by: Palmiter Realty Group
Listed by Hospitality Consultants, LLC. Listing Agent: Dick Palmer

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Property Details The LODGE at Mt. Snow is an operating full service Hotel.There are two buiildings joined by an enclosed walkway.The reception area as well as all 45 guest rooms and baths are located in the front building along Rt 100. Above the rooms, on the upper level are separate staff quarters as well as owners quarters. Each is accessed by interior and exterior staircase.This building is services by electric heat, and upper two floors have AC.The rear building houses the mechanicals, work out rooms, one with a fireplace, hot tub room and half bath, storage on the lower level. Access to the outdoor pool is from this level.The middle level has a foyer, large dining room,comm kitchen & half bath. The upper level which connects to the Lodge has a huge lounge w/FP, bar and game room combination as well as a band stand. According to the operating owner all rooms are approximately 327 Sq ft. The property is licensed for 261 lodging and 150 Restaurant. Taken directly from the current licenses.
Location: Dover, Vermont
Price: $950,000.00
MLS #: 4363041
Year Built: 1950
Lot Size: 1.2 Acres

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Valley Center, Route 100
West Dover, VT USA 05356
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