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12 South Main Street, Wilmington, Vermont - MLS# 4477081
0.05 Acres

Offered by: Palmiter Realty Group
Listed by Meg Streeter Real Estate. Listing Agent: Meg Streeter

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Property Details This New England Universalist Church building was built circa 1835 with original stained glass windows, hardwood floors, choir loft, stamped tin ceiling and recent heating system. In use as a church until 1958, the church steeple houses the historic town clock given by the Childs family in 1890 and the stained glass windows that adorn the building memorialize early Wilmington families. With a location in Wilmington's historic village next to the town library and near free municipal parking, the property is ideal for commercial use or can be converted into an extraordinary residence or live/work situation. No significant damage in August 2011 flood. State and federal tax credits avail. for renovation projects due to the building being on the National Historic Trust Register. Deed states that property shall retain the same general external appearance - this restriction does not limit the interior use of the property. Valley Town Church is current tenant on a month to month basis
Location: Wilmington, Vermont
Price: $195,000.00
MLS #: 4477081
Year Built: 1835
Lot Size: 0.05 Acres

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